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Links of Interest

Ted Bailey
Boomerang World

This is literally a one stop site that has everything
Boomerang related and much, much, more!

Ted is one of the most knowledgeable people in the world of Boomerangs,
and his advice has always been honest, as well as “on target.”

If you haven’t been at his site, then you’d be well advised
 to visit it before doing anything else. You’ll be happy you did!

Richard Harrison
The Boomerangman Online

It seems like almost everyone bought their first real
Boomerang from Rich, the Boomerangman.

Good service, excellent advice,  years of experience, and a
real love of Boomerangs makes the B-Man’s site a must see.

Kendall Davis
Master Designs

If you’re looking for any type of Boomerang,
 Kendall’s site is a great place to visit.

He crafts almost any kind of rang you might want,
out of just about any material there is, with a
high level of craftsmanship, as well as a beautiful finish.

Dave Hendricks
Boomerang Dave's Journal

Dave's Blog is a great place to read the thoughts of
and get advice from a sharing, experienced
Boomerang thrower and crafter.

Bill Glover
Bill Glover's Boomeranging Blog

Bill's a collector, creator, and all around
Boomerang enthusiast. His blog features his thoughts
on sticks, and other things "Glover."

Bill's website may be found at:

Bill Glover's Boomerang Catalog